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    Welcome to the website of Cornetta Enterprises - today's leader of publications, entertainment and novelty stores.

    Cornetta Enterprises, located in the Norcross area of suburban Atlanta, GA, has been involved in business for nearly 20 years.

    No one business can be a force on its own. Cornetta Enterprises has strategically formed many partnerships to further its grasp on the market.

    Operating a chain of novelty stores can be a risky business, but Cornetta Enterprises has always seemed to come out on top while being a friend to the press.

    Despite the fact that we handle more than 40 companies out of the same corporate office, we strive to make sure we have the ability to handle all customer requests and all possible business opportunities that are afforded to us.

Cornetta Enterprises | P.O.Box 720728| Atlanta, GA 30358-2728