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    Sales Associates
    The easiest sales are those that you believe in. We believe that our products are the best products on the market and the most competitively priced. If you agree, then come sell for us! Work in a fun and friendly environment, work near your home, enjoy employee discounts and have the opportunity for advancement! Must be at least 18 years or older to work for us. And if you are, you're about to have a good time!

    Store Managment
    Adult stores and tobacco stores are our thing. If that's your thing, great! Even if it's not your thing, some of our best managers have come to us with other retail management and they have shined in our stores. Are you ready to be a leader? Do you have the ability to change a store for the better? Can you turn a frown upside down? Ok, that might be a bit too much...but if you're looking to lead by example and manage your own store, hit us up!

    Marketing and Street Team
    We own the most dynamic and exciting stores in Atlanta: The Love Shack and Burn Smoke Shops!
    Help us market our stores and get paid to have fun!


    Our toys, dvd's and tobacco items don't just arrive in the stores on their own! Help us decide which products we should purchase, manage our warehouse and visit our stores to make sure our items are displayed properly for our customers. Must be able to multi-task, work in a fast-paced environment; organization is key in this position. Previous purchasing experience desired.

Operations is the hub of Cornetta Enterprises. Those in Operations are the backbone of our stores and handle everything in regards to our stores. We are currently seeking area managers. Must have prior retail experience either as a manager of a store, an area manager or a district manager.

It's your lucky day! We're now in need of an assistant accountant. Your day to day job function will be to report to the Director of Accounting and assist in all accounting functions. We already have several accountants on hand, but times have never been better at Cornetta Enterprises!

    Ad Sales
Xcitement Magazine is the authority when it comes to adult nightlife in Atlanta. More and more strip clubs, adult stores, tattoo parlors, gyms, etc are opening up everyday in our city. These business are looking to advertise to potential customers and Xcitement Magazine is their target market. Help us manage our clients and make up to $100,000 a year doing so.

Want a job where you get paid to visit strip clubs, adult stores, mingle with celebrities? Then this is the job for you! Become a writer for Xcitement Magazine and you'll be traveling with adult stars when they come in town. You'll be writing reviews of strip clubs and adult stores. Get paid to have fun!

    Graphic Designer
As owners of the Love Shack stores, Xcitement Magazine and several other products, we are always in need of additional graphic designers. Must have knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and work on both PC and Macintosh.

Cornetta Enterprises manages and updates nearly 100 websites. Be a part of our team and help design websites for our clients. Also get paid commission bonuses when you sell websites to clients! Must have knowledge of HTML, PHP, FLASH, JAVA, MYSQL, CSS, be familiar with both UNIX and LINUX systems as well as programs such as Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and Indesign.

    IT / Tech
Ten retail stores, a corporate office and nearly 200 employees later take their toll on any business. Ours is the same. Put your IT/Tech skills to work by making sure our registers keep ringing up sales, our computers keep working properly and our security devices keep catching thieves. Must have a vast knowledge of computers, printers and networks. Preferably someone with A+ / NET+ certificate and experience.

    Administrative Assistant
If we really have to tell you the job functions of an Administrative Assistant, you're not for us. Your an assistant to all, you're the receptionist and you're probably the most important person in our company. Oftentimes the glue that holds us all together.

Note: Cornetta Enterprises is an equal opportunity employer and complies with the rules and regulations as set forth by; The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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