Cornetta Enterprises did not find its start here in Georgia. In fact one could say it didn't start in this country. It started in Ireland and in Italy. It was in Ireland that John Cornetta's maternal grandfather, John McDonald, decided to move to America to make a better life for himself and his family.

    Around that same time John's paternal great grandfather Luigi Cornetta decided he too should come to America. They both soon entered commerce and became American citizens traveling through Ellis Island.

    They owned salons, candy stores and did other trades. One of John's great uncles, Antonio Cornetta, would make wine and sausage in his basement in New York to sell.

    When Patricia McDonald married Joseph Cornetta, these two spirited entrepreneurial families united. Together Mr. and Mrs. Cornetta opened many businesses. From small bars to one of the most amazing restaurants and marinas in New York. The restaurant was simply called, CORNETTA'S. The Cornetta's opened many other fine dinning establishments over the years in New York, New Jersey and in south Florida.

    Many have attributed John's "never say die" attitude from watching his mother and father while growing up. His mother would run the bar and his father the kitchens.

    John watched as his mother, all 5 foot 2 of her, would walk up to men twice her size and look them dead in the eye and without a blink say to trouble makers "you got two ways of leaving this bar. On your feet or on your back!" Many a men laughed. Those that did left on their back.

    John's father Joseph was quite the renegade as well. When he wanted to do something the town didn't like or wanted to stop, guess what he did? He sued or just did it anyway. In fact, in one of the best quotes ever to be printed, Mimi Bryant, the mayor of Piermont, New York said "Who the hell does he think he is? Jessie James?"

    It was in these early days that Cornetta Enterprises was truly formed and the rebellious spirit of John was forged.

    The flow into the current Cornetta Enterprises blueprint has been a work in progress in Georgia for more than 20 years.

    The corporate headquarters is now located in the Norcross area of Atlanta. What once began as a small company publishing a local entertainment magazine called Xcitement Magazine has now flourished to a multi-million dollar company employeeing more than 200 workers.

    In 1990, Cornetta began Simply Irresistible Lingerie and was promoting more than 100 lingerie shows per week from 1990 to 1993 with a staff of about 25 models. Simply Irresistible Lingerie began in Atlanta. Later Cornetta sold licensee agreements in Charlotte N.C., Chattanooga TN and even one in St. Louis MO. He eventually bought in to the St. Louis Simply Irresistible one and opened his first adult store in St. Louis on South Kings Highway. It is through the success of Simply Irresistible Lingerie that Cornetta began his other companies. The lingerie company allowed Cornetta to befriend industry leaders and learn more about not only the business of adult stores, but also strip clubs as well as he was doing a lot of business with the club owners and managers.

    From Simply Irrestistible Lingerie sprung Xcitement Magazine in 1993. The magazine is now regarded as the authority for nightlife in Atlanta. It is published 12 times yearly with more than 30,000 issues per month. The magazine is distributed at nearly every adult store and strip club in Atlanta and boasts a monthly readership of more than 100,000. Each month Xcitement carries feature articles on nationally recognizable porn stars while focusing the bulk of its content on Atlanta based adult stores, strip clubs and other events. Xcitement has won numerous awards for being an industry leader as a trade publication.

    To read more about Xcitement Magazine go to .

    The bonds that Cornetta formed with Xcitement Magazines helped promote the next Cornetta Enterprises spinoff which was opening a Love Shack store on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross in 2000. Seven years later, Cornetta Enterprises now owns and operates nearly a dozen Love Shack and Burn Smoke Shop stores. To find the location nearest you visit or

    Only a year later, in 2001, Patrick Doggrell joined Cornetta Enterprises. He is currently the Senior Vice President Of Cornetta Enterprises. Previous to working at Cornetta Enterprises, Patrick enjoyed success at many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and adult clubs, most notably leading the Gold Club when it was one of the nation's most popular clubs.

    2005 saw the birth of Adult Store Buyer Magazine. This bi-monthly magazine is read by more than 12,000 adult store owners and managers. The focus of ASB Magazine is to teach adult store owners and managers how to run their store more effectively.

    Cornetta Enterprises has also taken on the role of serving as the co-publisher of TEEZE Magazine. TEEZE caters to the owners and managers of lingerie store owners throughout the country.

    Cornetta now owns or is a partner in nearly 40 different companies. He is a part of companies on three different continents. He owns and operates clubs in Panama City Panama and sells products of all kinds in Europe and Asia.

    The goal in 2009 is to maximize the profits from current company operations, add two adult retail outlets and a night club in midtown Atlanta.

    Another lofty goal set by Cornetta was to completely overhaul his corporate headquarters. Cornetta believed that the operations needed a complete paradigm shift. So did he wait until the legal fight with Fulton County and Johns Creek had settled down to do it? No way. In typical Cornetta fashion he charged in head first while overseeing one of the most important legal cases he had ever faced.

    That overhaul, now in its final stages, will set the stage for Cornetta Enterprises to plan for double growth by 2010. There are ghosts somewhere in Ellis Island smiling.

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