Johns Creek asks court to get tough on adult shop

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The city of Johns Creek filed a petition Friday in Fulton County Superior Court to force the owner of the Love Shack to close or comply with city laws.

The court pleading alleges that the Love Shack is in violation of several city ordinances, such as operating without a business license or a sexually oriented business license and being too close to residential areas and businesses selling alcohol.

If the city prevails, then the owner, John Cornetta, must either close the store, seek a rezoning, make it a nonadult business or move it. There is no indication when a judge might consider the petition.

Cornetta applied for a business license in January, was denied by the city, appealed and after a hearing was denied again.

The store, which has been a subject of controversy, has remained open because city officials are concerned that if they close the store without a court order, and if Cornetta challenges their ordinance and wins, then Cornetta could claim the city owes him for lost revenue.

The Love Shack opened last Nov. 29, just before Johns Creek officially became a city on Dec. 1.

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