Love Shack makes trip to court

Wednesday Aug 29, 2007
By Caron Cooper
APPEN Newspapers

The Love Shack and the city of Johns Creek just don’t see eye to eye – this time it is over violations of the sign ordinance. The Love Shack will be in Johns Creek municipal court this week for an arraignment for its multitude of sign violation citations.

As of Friday, Aug. 24, the Love Shack has received a total of 39 citations containing 71 counts, according to Reggie Miller, chief code enforcement officer for Johns Creek.

“Yes, they’ve been cited. Our ordinance provides that each day of a violation constitutes a separate offense. At the time of the first violation, the business had three banners without appropriate permits,” said Johns Creek City Attorney Bill Riley.

A few months back, Love Shack owner John Cornetta claimed that for months the Love Shack was harassed by Miller with his daily visits to the store, all the while never producing a citation.

After attention was drawn to the situation by lawyer e-mails and newspaper articles, the Love Shack was eventually issued its first citation June 27 for not having a sign permit.

“If convicted, ordinance violations carry a potential penalty of up to six months in jail and up to $1,000 for each violation,” said Riley. “If convicted, it is up to the judge to craft an appropriate penalty.”

Of course, Cornetta said he isn’t scared.

“I am as worried about the Johns Creek unconstitutional, invalid, illegal, corrupt code, the enforcement and the penalty as much as I am worried about whether I am wearing boxers or briefs in the morning – I could care less. No, they don’t scare me one bit,” said Cornetta. buy essays from professional writers

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