Mike South To Be Acting Mayor Of John’s Creek, GA

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
By MikeSouth

AWell it seems that the mayor Mike Bodker has refused John Cornetta’s donation to help build a fire department, he further refused to participate in the dunk tank to raise money for said fire department.

Well John Cornetta simply took that as a challenge saying that he will put his donation with more donations and fund raising and he will get John’s Creek a Fire Department if he has to buy the truck and man it with volunteers.

I like this kind of spirit. While it is a genius political move by Cornetta it is being handled ineptly by The obviously amateur politician Mayor Bodker and the bottom line it is a much needed service in the newly formed city not only will it make the city safer it will lower homeowners insurance rates.

It is also proof that adult establishments do not devalue the property, this move would actually help to raise property values and it is a great example of how an adult store can be a good neighbor.

So since Mayor Bodker won’t set aside his differences and do something good for the community I am going to step up to the plate to help by taking Mayor Bodkers’ place alongside John in the dunk tank. I have vowed to act mayorly and I might even go down to the goodwill store or something and buy a suit for the occasion. Stay tuned for more info on the who what when and where.

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