Cornetta Family Mourns loss of Larry “Tank” Reeves

Saturday, Nov 3, 2007

On Saturday, Nov 3, 2007, the Cornetta Enterprises Family lost one of their members. Larry “Tank” Reeves passed away at the young age of 27.
Larry had only been with Cornetta Enterprises for about two weeks, but had already made an impact on the company, and the president John Cornetta.

Cornetta said, “He came in and I tested him right from the start. He never complained, not about having only one car with Miranda, not about the fact I could only spend so much time with him. He wrote notes, asked detailed questions, he sponged up the business like no one has ever done and this was just in two weeks. I’m telling you Larry had what it took to succeed and surpass me if only he would just do it. I knew what he was missing and I could have and was teaching him how to fix that. But the things he had I did not teach him and can not be taught to someone, you either have it or you don’t.”

Mr. Cornetta had been friends with Mr. Reeves outside of business for two years. Services will be held this week.

Cornetta Enterprises wishes the family well.

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