No one person can do it all. John Cornetta learned that at a very young age. He also learned that no one business can do it all either. Businesses need friends, alliances, vendors they can trust and that trust them, and sometimes even partners. Everyone needs friends and allies and Cornetta Enterprises has strategically formed many of these over the years to strengthen its grasp on any area of business it has entered.

    In any business Cornetta has started he seams to have a knack to not only befriend industry leaders, but to form life long alliances with them. That discipline comes from a core belief taught to Cornetta by family, that in all business dealings, all parties must feel they have just concluded with a win/win situation.

    Says Cornetta, " I have always known that to be the best, you need to hire the best and surround yourself with the leaders and achievers in any given business sector. I remember reading somewhere that Henry Ford basically said when asked if he knew about accounting and law and technical issues. When he said he did not and the man asking acted as if he had made a fool of Mr. Ford, and went on to say how could you ever expect to run this company Mr. Ford simply said, I hire people who are smarter than me and who know the answers".

    For the entire HENRY FORD anecdote and for some of John's favorite quotes, click here to enjoy.

    Alliances with people include:

  • Don Waitt - the publisher of TEEZE Magazine, Exotic Dancer Magazine and co-publisher of ASB
  • Larry and Jimmy Flynt - Hustler Magazine
  • Paul Fishbein - AVN
  • Gene Newton Sr - Elegant Moments
  • Steven Hirsch - Founder and CEO VIVID
  • Howard Levine - sales manager for VIVID
  • Bob Pine Jr. - Williams Trading
  • Frank Koretsky - CEO of East Coast News and International Video Distributors
  • Jack Galardi - President of Galardi South Enterprises
  • Jack Pepper - VP of Marketing Galardi South Enterprises
  • Larry Rollins - regional sales director for Fantasy Lingerie
  • Tom Mishou - executive director of Georgia Athletic Commission and administrator for Secretary of State

John Cornetta, Larry Flynt and Don Waitt

Jimmy Flynt and John Cornetta at the spot where Jimmy's brother Larry Flynt was shot in Lawrenceville Georgia. To this day only two people have ever been arrested for obscenity in Gwinnett County, John Cornetta and Larry Flynt. Both were acquitted.

John Cornetta and Jack Galardi

John Cornetta, Mario Freeze, Bit Thrower and Steve Youngleson

Industry Leaders from left to right: restaurant broker Steven Josovitz, John Gray, Frank Bain of Continental Agency, Don Waitt of ED Publications, John Cornetta, and Jack Pepper - Vice President of marking for Galardi South Enterprises

    Mr. Cornetta has had the pleasure of meeting and befriending many people, including such notable friends as Tommy Chong and Ron Jeremy:

John Cornetta and Tommy Chong

Ron Jeremy and John Cornetta

    Cornetta Enterprises has developed strategic relationships with many of Atlanta's most respected law firms:

Chirstopher P. Berney, P.C.
1401 Peachtree Street NE
Suite M-100
Atlanta, GA 30309

Cook, Youngelson & Wiggins
260 Peachtree Street
Suite 401
Atlanta, GA 30303

Steven H. Sadow, P.C.
44 Broad Street, N.W.
Suite 800, The Grant Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Sirkin, Pinales, Mezibov & Schwartz
Louis Sirkin
105 West 4th Street
Suite 920
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Law Office of Jodi Ann Spiegel, P.C.
1126 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Cornetta Enterprises | P.O.Box 720728 | Atlanta, GA 30358-2728