Teachers say that history repeats itself. That statement is on the verge of coming true as John Cornetta is set to open another restaurant in Atlanta, this time in the Johns Creek community.

    Cornetta's family has owned various restaurants since the 1950's, including a New York dockisde restaurant named "Cornetta's."

    The Cornetta Family sold this restaurant in 1978, however to this day the name remains the same at this great waterside location. For the official site of Cornetta's Seafood Restaurant, please just click the logo below.

    Cornetta, a trained chef, turned down three scholarships to culinary school to pursue his current profession. But throughout the years, he has maintained that he'd soon be opening another restaurant. He previously owned an Atlanta restaurant located on Defoor's Ferry Road.

    The time has come as Cornetta is waiting for the green light to open Equity Sports Bar & Grill at 6450 East John's Crossing in Tech Park, the site of the old Derby Bar behind Sun Trust bank. The restaurant would be high end and will include menu items such as caviar, carpaccio, Kobe beef burgers and pastries.


    "Cornettas" - Seafood Restaurant and Marina, owned by Cornetta family, located at 639 and 641 Piermont Ave, Piermont on Hudson, NY. visit website
    "Aroma's" - The Italian American Bistro, previously owned by Cornetta, located on 2116 DeFoors Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA.
    "Equity Sports Bar and Grill" - will start serving high-end food and drinks at 6450 East John's Crossing in Tech Park.
visit website

Cornetta Enterprises | P.O.Box 720728 | Atlanta, GA 30358-2728